5 Ways to Make a Cheap Web Video

Here are 5 ways to make a cheap web video.

Hiring Talent Costs Money, Look Within

Professional actors and actresses cost time and money. You might have the perfect actor/actress already in your organization. There is no one more capable of speaking about your product or service than your yourself and your staff.

Have a Plan Before Contacting a Video Production Company

A plan includes the concept on the type of video production you would like produced, having a rough script also saves time and money. Both of these things cut down on pre-production hours. The more detail I know about your production means I can show you where we can make adjustments to save you money and saves the both of us time!

Cut Down on Visual Effects and Extras

Greenscreen and motion graphics make your video production expensive. Do you really need them? Keeping things simple is often the best route. That being said, we love working on VFX shots!


Do you have product or service that is universal to all types of people? During these difficult economic times bartering is a real option. Talk with your video producer out barter for his or her services. Please note that every video production company is different and bartering may not be an acceptable form of payment so it’s best to bring the option up early on.

Shoot it Yourself

If you really want to create a cheap web video you can always shoot it yourself. Really it’s OK you won’t hurt my feelings. You could also have us come out and do a 1 Day consult on the video production process. We cover everything from what equipment to buy to basic editing skills and how to upload your videos to web.

For a free quote on your next video project, give me a call at 401-312-3409 or send me an email at patrick@visualpost.com.

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