Five Tips for Writing a TV Commercial Script

So, you have a commercial coming up and need to know how to write a TV commercial script for yourself, your actors, or you voiceover talent.

Here are five tips to help you write your next TV commercial script.

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Video Production Gear for August 22, 2014

Video Production Gear posts are select bookmarks from Patricks galavanting around the internet. 

This is my inaugural video production gear link post. It will be a weekly feature here on TV Commercial Guide.

The C47

Jem Schofield’s video production blog. The C47 is a fantastic resource for anyone in video production, especially if you’re working on smaller budgets and crews. Although Jem doesn’t post as often as he used to, his old videos are still valuable to check out. 

Zacuto & Red Rock MicroRed Rock Micro

Both of these companies make excellent video production gear. Zacuto is famous for their mounts and Z-Finder screens. Red Rock is  famous for its One Man Crew motorized slider and other fun bits of gear. I love them both equally.



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6 Free Things You Can Do With Your TV Commercial

As part of the TV Commercial Guide, I wanted to touch upon how businesses can extend the life of their TV commercials.

You’ve worked with a killer video production company like Visual Post and you have this great looking TV commercial, now what?

Here are 6 free things you can do with your TV commercial once it’s it been produced. Read more ›

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3 Videos About SEO

I’ve found these 3 videos about SEO. Why am I talking about SEO, well it’s an important topic to cover especially for all you web video producers out there.

I’ve written in the past about YouTube SEO. The right SEO can help your videos get found by more people and help you find out what people are searching for with keyword research. Over the years SEO has been given a bad wrap by people promising over-night solutions and quick fixes to help you rank. The most important thing to remember about SEO is to create valuable content from the keyword research you do. I hope you enjoy these 3 videos about seo and if you have any of your own favorite please feel free to post them in the comments. Read more ›

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Dealing With On-Camera Anxiety Part 1

On-camera anxiety can be a real problem for some people. I still get butterflies when I’m in front of the camera but there are a few way you can deal with these nervous feelings and get shooting web videos in no time. Read more ›

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Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review

The Blue Yeti Microphone is a great addition to anyone’s web video kit.

Here are the key take-aways from the video.

  • The Blue Yeti Microphone is USB powered so you don’t have to worry about having cords all over the place.
  • It’s great for doing screen-casts, webinars, and Skype calls.
  • It has four different pickup patterns so it’s very versatile.
  • The Yeti has an on-board headphone jack so you can monitor your microphone levels without delay.
  • It has a convenient “cough”/ mute button on the front of the microphone.
  • It also has a super long USB cable so you record audio where you’re comfortable.

Audio is sometimes more important than high quality video so get a decent microphone for your web video kit.

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TubeMogul Overview

TubeMogul is a great resource for uploading your web videos to multiple online video platforms with a single upload.

Here are the key take-aways from the video.

  • Create your accounts on YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and other online video platforms ahead of time. Have your log in credentials for all of these sites ready.
  • Don’t forget to add a link to your website in the description of your video, preferably in the beginning of the description.
  • TubeMogul has free and paid accounts. The free plan lets you deploy 100 videos per month.

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Quick Video SEO Tips (Youtube)

Here is a quick video where I detail the key points of Video SEO when using the online video platform YouTube. Most of these principles are universal so feel free to use these techniques and tips on other online video platforms.

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Researching & Choosing a Video Production Company

For small businesses having a video produced can be a expensive and nerve racking experience. It’s important that you work with a company that you are comfortable with. Do your homework and research the companies you might want to work with. Here are a few tips when researching companies.

Call up your potential video production company and ask them questions.
Here are a list of starter questions to ask:

  • How many years have you been in the video production business?
  • What types of video productions do you produce?
  • Are you insured?

From my personal experience I love it when potential clients contact me about working together. I want to make them comfortable and reassure them. So come up with your own questions and ask away!

The next step is to setup a meeting with the video production companies. This is a great way to get to know who you’ll be dealing with.

By the way if your interested to know how I would answer the questions above here are my answers.

• How many years have you been in the video production business?
Visual Post has been in the video production business for three years.

• What types of video productions do you produce?
At Visual Post we produce videos for all different types of mediums – web, television, presentations and other formats. Specific types of productions we have produced in the past are TV commercials, sales video, corporate video productions for conferences, introductory web video, and many more.

• Are you insured?
Visual Post is fully insured by EMC Insurance.

Do you have more questions for me? Feel free to give me a call 401-312-3409. I would be happy to answer all your questions.

Patrick Hughes
Co-Founder & Production Director at Visual Post, LLC

P.S. Are you interested in learning more about the TV commercial production process? Check out my TV Commercial Guide, it’s filled with great tips on how to produce your first TV commercial.

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Quick & Dirty Video SEO Tips from Visual Post

NOTE! You might want to watch this video in full screen mode.
Here are three takeaways from the Quick & Dirty Video SEO Tips video.

1. Use the keywords your targeting within the title of your video. In the example video the target keywords were web video services. For the title I used “Visual Post’s Web Video Services“.

2. Make sure you add a link to your web site in the description in the video. I put my link first and then add a short description to the video. Remember, keep your descriptions simple and short, don’t go over 160 characters.

3. Use your target keywords as the first tag within your video.

Let me know if you enjoyed this video and feel free to ask any questions about video seo.

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